INSAIN (band)


After a first impressive demo, INSAIN recorded their 2010 debut full-length, “Spiritual Rebirth”, at both Electrik Box (owned by THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK’s Olive T’Servrancx) and Hertz studios (BEHEMOTH, VADER, NEPHREN-KA…) which they self-released.

Blown away by the technical abilities, songwriting and production, Kaotoxin signed the band late 2011 but meanwhile, drummer Sangli got severely injured in a violent car crash and had to spend more than one year at the hospital in hope for recovery. The album got re-released by the label while the band was waiting for their drummer to be back, writing new stuff.

During a “pause” between two surgeries, Sangli nonetheless managed to rehearse and record the new material (still at the Electrik Box studio) which before going back to the hospital. The band, now with bassist Benoit Jean, mixed and mastered the new EP, featuring an introduction and guest vocals by EYE OF SOLITUDE’s own Daniel N., at 16th Cellar studio (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, HOUR OF PENANCE, UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION…) but the time spent locked in the rehearsal room eagerly waiting to be a full band again sadly brought the unavoidable tension and INSAIN disbanded before the EP’s release on early 2014.

INSAIN was most probably one of the best Death Metal band ever to emerge from France, but it rose like a star and collapsed like a supermassive black hole… A legacy of brutal and over-the-top quality Death Metal is nevertheless left like the light of a dead star still showering us with its deadly radiations…


  • 2014 – “Enlightening the Unknown” EP
  • 2010 – “Spiritual Rebirth”


  • Louis Lafitte – vocals
  • David Schonbackler – guitars (ex-Dawn of Decline…)
  • Nicolas Becuwe – guitars
  • Benoit Jean – bass (on “Enlightening…” – Architect of Seth, Savage Annihilation)
  • Thibaut Aguir – bass (on “Spiritual…” – Cowards)
  • Jonathan “Sangli” Juré – drums (Witches, ex-Disaster)