UNSU (band)


Started in 2009 by (past and present) members of DARKALL SLAVES and TREPAN’DEAD UNSU worked hard to write and record their debut demo, “Moral Distortion”, and make it a very personal release putting the band on the Grindcore map, adding to their Northern-influenced Grindcore (read: ROTTEN SOUND, NASUM, GADGET…) touches of Brutal Death Metal and Hardcore.

Touring Europe and releasing their debut split 7” with France’s ATARA in 2011 resulted in having the name starting to spread like blood on your face after a high-kick right in the nose.

Signed to Kaotoxin in 2012, UNSU released their debut EP, “The Filthy”. Right in time for the release, the band embarked for a headlining UK tour and festival appearances during 2012.

2013 was spent writing new material, among which two previously unreleased tracks, one of which is appearing on Kaotoxin’s “In Grindo Veritas” compilation. When line-up changed sometimes in 2014, these two songs were re-recorded with new singer Dam on vocals and got released as part of the “Monsters!” six-way split EP in 2014, soon followed by an Euro-tour with WARFUCK.

Line up

  • Dam – vocals
  • Manu – guitars
  • Micky – bass
  • Adrien – drums


  • Gerbe – guitars


  • 2014 – “Monsters! (six of a kind)” split EP (w/ C.O.A.G., Department of Correction, Infected Society, Miserable Failure & Total Fucking Destruction
  • 2013 – “In Grindo Vertias” compilation
  • 2012 – “The filthy” EP
  • 2011 – “Grindcore Is a Violent Drug” split EP (w/ Atara)