Mika Bleu - RIP 1982-2016

RIP, Mika Bleu, singer of MISERABLE FAILURE.

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We’re speechless. We’re absolutely speechless.

No word can start to describe the feeling of utter pain and absolute sadness that’s flooding our hearts while writing these lines in what’s a miserable attempt to pen a tribute to one of our artists who passed away yesterday night.

He was joy. He was positiveness, optimism. He was love. He was party. He was honesty. He was respect. He was absolute friendship. And he’s no more and no one will ever replace him in that special place he had in our hearts.

Mika Bleu, ex-Season of Mist and current Hiraw Clothing staff member, singer for MISERABLE FAILURE and BLOBFISH KILLER, aged 34 only, died yesterday in the streets of Maureillas, France, ran over by a car whose drunk driver cowardly fled away. Mika’s girlfriend is still hospitalized as we speak and a friend of them got lightly injured too.

We have no word, really… Our thoughts are with his countless friends, his relatives and his family. He’s most surely partying hard with Satan as we speak. All hail Bleu. We love you, wherever you are, whatever you do.

We wish all the best to his girlfriend, Fanny, in the hope she’ll get well in no time.

Just like his partner, he wanted to remain anonymous within MISERABLE FAILURE and we respected that, making sure one couldn’t recognize him on pictures so we sadly don’t have many but here’s a video of MISERABLE FAILURE recording a live session for French national radio network Radio France and their channel “Le Mouv” along with his friends Ben on bass and Kevin Foley on drums.

And here’s MISERABLE FAILURE’s sole music video, “Hang Them”.

RIP, Mika Bleu (6-MAR-1982 // 23-JUL-2016)

Nico, Juliette & all the Kaotoxin family.