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Straight-to-the-point classic hard hitting Rock’n’Roll is back… the not so “classic” way!

Even though only celebrating their third year of existence (formed in 2013), French sextet FLAYED already established quite a name for themselves within the Hard Rock community with their avalanche of tours and gigs –quite 250!- both in Europe and North America (among which notable appearances at Guitares en Scène and Jazz à Vienne festivals) and their two self-released full-lengths, “Symphony for the Flayed” in 2014 and “Monster Man” in 2015. Now signed to Kaotoxin Records, they’re keeping their pedal-to-the-metal pace and keep the Rock rolling frantically with the release of “XI Million“, their brand new 5-song collector EP that’s, obviously, gonna be followed by a November tour.

Made of two brand new titles (“Eleven Million” and “Trend Is Over“), a CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL cover version (“Fortunate Son“) and two previously unreleased tracks from the “Monster Man” sessions (“Shoot the Trail” and “Rollin’ Monkey“), “XI Million” proves once more that FLAYED is way more than a “simple” classic Hard Rock band, using the stylistic codes established decades ago by the genre’s mastodons and adding its very own touch of 70’s Prog Rock and Blues Rock, somehow like mixing AC/DC, DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH and the likes of, as demonstrated by their cover version, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL, and pushing the result fast-forward to the 21st century, injecting not only young blood, but also a fresh approach to the genre.

If you want blood… You’ve got it… served fresh!

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