1. NIRNAETH "Nihil in Me" [music video]

    NIRNAETH “Nihil in Me” [music video]

  2. OTARGOS "Chariots ov the Godz" [lyrics video]

    OTARGOS “Chariots ov the Godz” [lyrics video]

  3. THE ERKONAUTS "Machine" [music video]

    THE ERKONAUTS “Machine”

  4. OTARGOS "Human Terminate" [live drumcam]

    OTARGOS “Human Terminate” [live drumcam]

  5. THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK "Blackened Visions"

    THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK “Blackened Visions”

  6. EYE OF SOLITUDE's obsequies

    EYE OF SOLITUDE “Obseqvies” [lyrics video]

  7. OTARGOS "Human Terminate" (screenshot)

    OTARGOS “Human Terminate”

  8. C.in.C "XXX Dog Petting" (screenshot)

    C.in.C “XXX Dog Petting” [live music video]

  9. THE ERKONAUTS "Dominium Mundi" (music video screenshot)

    THE ERKONAUTS “Dominium Mundi”

  10. EYE OF SOLITUDE "The Haunting" [live @ KaotoxinFest#I]

    EYE OF SOLITUDE “The Haunting” [live @ KaotoxinFest#I]

  11. KaosCast ANTROPOFAGO interview screenshot

    [KaosCast] ANTROPOFAGO interview at MetalDays

  12. PUTRID OFFAL "Purulent Cold" Live Video (screenshot)

    PUTRID OFFAL “Purulent Cold” [live video]

  13. MISERABLE FAILURE "Hang Them" music video shooting


  14. DEHUMAN "Crypts of Blood" [music video screenshot]

    DEHUMAN “Crypts of Blood”

  15. 6:33 "Black Widow" music video (screenshot)

    6:33 “Black Widow”

  16. DRAWERS "Shadow Dancers" Music Video (screenshot)

    DRAWERS “Shadow Dancers”

  17. THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK "A Whisper to the Thunder" Music Video (screenshot)

    THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK “A Whisper to the Thunder”

  18. DEEP IN HATE "The Cattle Procession" Lyrics Video (screenshot)

    DEEP IN HATE “The Cattle Procession” [lyrics video]

  19. NEPHREN-KA "Praise Shai-Hulud" Lyrics Video (screenshot)

    NEPHREN-KA “Praise Sha├»-Hulud”

  20. AD PATRES "Scorn Aesthetics" Music Video (screenshot)

    AD PATRES “Scorn Aesthetics”

  21. DEEP IN HATE "Altars of Lies" Music Video (screenshot)

    DEEP IN HATE “Altars of Lies”