Kaotoxin Soundbars Reviews Samsung HW-C450 Review

Samsung HW-C450 Review

Samsung’s HW-C450 soundbar from 2022 refers to the B-series collection, which focuses on affordability and good enough sound (that is sure to be better than your TV). It’s exactly what those looking for richer sound without serious expense for limited living spaces need.

My Samsung HW-C450 review will help you understand this device’s fundamental characteristics and thus decide whether it is suitable for you. I have thoroughly tested its basic features, sound, and design. This is where we will start the review.

Build and design

Samsung HW-C450 build and design

The Samsung HW-C450 is a slimmed 2.1-channel soundbar solution focused on approachable simplicity for plug-and-play TV audio amplification. Measuring a compact 33 inches wide and just 2.3 inches tall, the sleek enclosure blends beneath flat panel displays with no background distractions.

Furthermore, this wireless subwoofer also offers flexible placement because you get wall mount brackets with the device. Convenient? Undoubtedly!

The thing I definitely dislike is the remote control. As for me, it seems to be of poor quality. In order to set the volume with the remote, you have to push with care since the buttons feel flimsy and almost are about to break if you use them too often.

Setup and connectivity

Even though the unit is not packed with the latest modern features, I found the owner’s manual terrible for most people (since I assume such a model would be preferred by those unfamiliar with technologies). So it tells you how to setup the soundbar, but there’s no info on all of the available modes. Luckily, you can find a more useful owner’s manual on Samsung’s website.

I connected it by optical cable, which is obviously not the most efficient connection. However, this is the only connectivity option HW-C450 offers, except for USB. Also note that when using the cabled connection, volume must be controlled exclusively from the soundbar’s remote as the TV has no control over the audio when in this mode.

Wi-Fi is also not included, so there are no streaming services as well. Yet, the Bluetooth option is onboard, supporting only the SBC codec. The subwoofer paired with Bluetooth with no issues. However, I heard some noise as soon as I stopped playing.

Features and specs

Samsung HW-C450 features and specs

As you may notice, the Samsung soundbar focuses on core essentials over flashy bonus features – but still incorporates some special touches, enhancing the experience of various content. Dedicated sound modes optimize audio response for movies, music, and voice-centric content like news and podcasts – boosting clarity for soundtrack dynamics, studio recordings, and vocal reproduction. So there are Bass Boost, Surround Sound Expansion, Game, Adaptive Lite, and the most desired on the list – DTS Virtual:X. In addition, you get Voice Enhance and Night Mode features, which are probably the most usable.

Moreover, HW-C450 is an ENERGY STAR-certified soundbar, so it consumes considerably less electricity to operate compared to non-certified models. This leads to lower energy bills.

Listening experience

The sound is quite good. I listened to some concerts on YouTube, and the soundbar showed up really well. I played with some customizable settings via the remote, and the sound was also great.

If you want the optimal sound out of this unit, you’ll definitely need to adjust the treble and bass. Both tone control and sound mode needed adjusting. After adjusting the sound quality, the highs, mids, and lows blended nicely.

Even though the sound is pleasing, it’s pretty much centered. If the size of the room is going to be moderate, then it’s okay. However, if you’re going to use it in a larger room, I’d suggest adding the rear speakers for the fuller sound, especially if you want to enjoy more advanced surround sound.

The subwoofer is powerful for this budget model; during the action parts of a show, I felt the slightest rumble like I was at the theater. Overall, I was quite satisfied with the sound. Yes, the impressions are not superb, but they are good enough for a model of this class.

Key specs

  • Built-in channels: 2.1.
  • Amplification type: active.
  • Output power, W: 300.
  • Separate speaker connections: yes.
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth: no/yes.
  • Multichannel surround: yes.
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